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Monday August 08, 2022
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Official Cast Soundtrack Recording 2012



Sample some of the hot music featuring our Original Cast below!


All tracks & full album NOW available on iTunes for digital download!!


Click here to go to Give Me A Break Original Cast Recording on iTunes or sample and go to iTunes using the links on the right -------->


1. Rockin' Machine Play
2. Just What I Needed Play
3. Can't Face That Door Play
4. Got What You're Looking For (Explicit Lyrics) Play
5. Reprise:Got What You're Looking For-The Seduction Play
6. Big Man Cometh Play
7. Hot & Sassy Play
8. Thoughts of You Play
9. If I Play
10. Give Me A Break Play
11. Flick My Bic (Explicit Lyrics) Play
12. Over The Edge Play
13. In Your Eyes Play
14. Nobody Loves Us Play
15. Medley: I Don't Even Care Why-Job of My Dreams Play
16. Wait For Tomorrow Play
17. Scanty Panties (Explicit Lyrics) Play
18. Reprise: Give Me A Break Play
19. Reprise: Wait For Tomorrow Play

BUY THE MUSIC On iTunes !!



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